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Boulevard André Malraux

Boulevard André Malraux


Boulevard André Malraux

Near Paris, not far from Versailles, there is one amazing place - the park "France in Miniature". Reduced (on a scale of 1:30) copies of the most famous architectural sights of France are recreated here. Total 160.

The slogan at the park is cheerful: “Walk through France with the steps of a giant!”

The whole "France in miniature" seems to be alive. Miniature railways run throughout the territory, along which small trains rush, services are held in all cathedrals, a march is played near the Louvre, the sounds of a football match are heard in the stadium, people are sitting on the ladders, cars are driving along the roads ... The park is rather big - it covers an area of 5 hectares. It will take at least 2 hours to get around it.

Address: Boulevard André Malraux


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