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The beauty of escort girls

The beauty of escort girls


The beauty of escort girls

Beauty is a changeable and elusive concept. Yesterday, high growth, thinness and protruding collarbones were appreciated, and today a healthy athletic body with sexy shapes, high cheekbones, plump lips and a neat nose are in vogue. Experts argue that two types of beauty can be conditionally distinguished: the first is focused on health and prosperity, and the second is focused on disease. The ideal of blossoming and natural beauty, as a rule, triumphs in prosperous epochs, while the spiritualized and morbid is characteristic of the epoch of the Middle Ages and European decadence. Looking at modern beauties, you involuntarily come to the conclusion that the times in which we live are not so bad :)

The 21st century strives to put naturalness on a pedestal. Even there was such a thing as "noble face". The noble face type is primarily about noble facial features and naturalness. A high forehead, an expressive look, natural lips, a harmonious nose and a minimum, or even a complete absence, of surgical interventions in appearance. However, putting naturalness in the first place, the world of beauty and fashion does not forget and does not neglect quality care for the condition of the skin and hair. I must say that the girls from the escort carefully and scrupulously take care of their bodies: regular massages, peels, hair removal and other spa procedures make up the daily routine of workers in this area. We do not live in the Middle Ages, when the body was considered only a case for the soul, and therefore we naturally treat our corporeality with respect and reverence! Escort girls are well aware that a healthy, beautiful body can be a source of joy and pleasure not only for themselves, but also for other people. If you still have questions regarding the appearance of our employees, study the catalog on the website or contact the managers of the agency. We will try to answer all your questions and find the perfect companion for the evening!

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