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The 13th arrondissement is the Chinatown in Paris

The 13th arrondissement is the Chinatown in Paris


The 13th arrondissement is the Chinatown in Paris

The unofficial name of the 13th arrondissement is Chinatown. Many immigrants from Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and China live in this district. Parisian Chinatown is somewhat reminiscent of the Vatican. True, it can not be called a state within a state, but rather a city within a city.

Since the 20s of the last century, Chinese young people began to come to study at Parisian universities. After graduation, not all of them wanted to return home. Many stayed and founded a small community. In the 70s and 80s, they were joined by people from Vietnam and Laos, who were fleeing oppressive regimes in their countries.

In District 13, signs in three languages, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese, are immediately noticeable. Even in winter, the windows of the neighborhood's apartments are open to allow the spirits of ancestors to enter unhindered.

Another unusual feature for Parisians is the almost complete absence of banks and ATMs. The Chinese community prefers to solve various financial affairs without the intervention of banks, and if they take loans, then from their friends.

The main buildings of the neighborhood were built in the 60s, when the number of immigrants increased dramatically. From what the district surprises with houses 15 stories high, which are in sharp contrast to the usual six-story Paris.

The county is practically uninteresting from the point of view of tourism. The cultural chaos also repels many visitors to the city. This is why hotels in the 13th district often offer very attractive prices. In terms of security, the district is calm, because Asians believe in karma.

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