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Paris 14th arrondissement

Paris 14th arrondissement


Paris 14th arrondissement

Not every tourist gets to the 14th arrondissement of Paris - after all, the outskirts and there are practically no sights. But the lack of crowds of tourists combined with sufficient transportation makes it particularly attractive to live. 

If you are not afraid of the need to get acquainted with the work of Parisian transport and ride every day on the subway, then safely choose a hotel in the 14th arrondissement. The further from the center to the edge of the city, the cheaper the hotels will be. Choose a suitable pass, and the total cost of the vacation will please you.

In the evenings you can stroll the quiet streets away from the crowds of tourists, in the atmosphere of the Parisian bohemia of the beginning of the last century. Prices in cafes and restaurants are also not biting.

There are some curious places to visit in the 14th arrondissement. 

Catacombs of Paris

In Paris there are winding artificial tunnels with a total length of up to 300 kilometers, going deep into the depths of 15-20 meters. The Catacombs of Paris are one of the most frightening sights in the world. Every day thousands of tourists descend under the capital's earth to look at the remains of more than 6 million people. It is important to realize that all these people did not die suddenly, they are the entire population of Paris since the founding of the city. The remains, accumulated for more than one and a half thousand years in different cemeteries, carefully disinfected, treated and reburied in the catacombs. 

Montparnasse Cemetery

Continuation of the gloomy theme can be a visit to the Montparnasse Cemetery. There are 35 thousand people buried there, among whom there are famous Parisians. Here you can find the graves of writer Jean-Paul Sartre, poet Charles Baudelaire, composer Camille Saint-Saëns, chansonnier Serge Ginzbourg and many others. To avoid wandering around the cemetery for a long time, get a guidebook with the graves of famous personalities at the entrance.

Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art

This private museum, which has been in existence since 1984, houses the works of contemporary painters, sculptors, photographers and other creative individuals. The building itself - an original 6-storey glass and steel structure surrounded by a garden with more than 240 species of plants - also attracts attention. A favorite here is a cedar tree planted in 1823 by the writer Chateaubriand.

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