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10th arrondissement of Paris: where to live and what to see?

10th arrondissement of Paris: where to live and what to see?


10th arrondissement of Paris: where to live and what to see?

Accommodation in Paris can not be called budget, perhaps, you may have already noticed it, but in the 10th arrondissement of Paris you can find inexpensive options, and this is not accidental, because this area is notorious. 

The 10th arrondissement of Paris or Arrondissement de l'Entrepôt (Entrepôt) is located on the right bank of the Seine, it borders both the calm central districts of the city to the south and the not-so-wealthy neighborhoods to the northeast. The 10th arrondissement is home to two large train stations, Gare du Nord (North) and Gare de l'Est (East), and is far from the best places in Paris due to the high concentration of immigrants and pickpockets. Paris is a city of contrasts. This is especially strong in the 10th arrondissement.

Of course, you can live in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, but you should be cautious and not wander the evening streets alone. Here you can find quite affordable hotels and a lot of student hostels.

The tenth arrondissement of Paris can not boast a large number of attractions, it is not exactly a tourist area, but a couple of places are still worth a look.

Gate of Saint-Denis (Porte Saint-Denis) - a beautiful 25-meter arch, erected in honor of military victories of King Louis XIV.

Place de la République (Place de la République): this square formally belongs to three arrondissements: the 3rd, 10th and 11th. It is a huge pedestrian area, with fountains, chairs, benches and neat trees.

Canal Saint-Martin is a very peaceful place, good for picnics, or just walking around and looking at bridges, boats and locks. There are quite a lot of restaurants and cafes around the canal. There are tourist pleasure boats that run along the canal from La Villette Park to the Orsay Museum. A great way to see Paris from an unusual angle.

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